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How much do coles employee get paid

Coles is one of the largest supermarket company chains in Australia. So, the average range of salary is also high. The coles company pays $35,000 per year to $82,580 per year approximately. And if you are working on an hourly basis, coles can offer you $20.00 to $29.59 per hour. If you have experience and skills, you can expect more.

Salary Details of Coles Employee

There are many jobs at Coles. Every job has different salary packages. The following are some salary data which you can expect at Coles:

Team Member: There are many departments at Coles. And every department team member’s salary can be different. On average, team members get a salary of up to $47,699 per year at Coles.

Retail Sales Assistant: Retail sales assistant gets paid at coles, ranging up to $20.87 per hour. Your wages also depend on work efficiency.

Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Supervisor, Butcher & Service Assistant: these jobs are more demanding among Australian people. They get salary up to $48,518 to $50,000. The customer services manager can get paid up to $53,446 per year. You can get more than this range if you have excellent communication skills.

Cleaner: cleaner gets range up to $20.48 per hour at coles.

Store Manager & Duty Manager: The mangers get a lit bit more than other employees. Because they have so much responsibility and their salary also depends on their workability and efficiency. On average, the store manager and duty manager get up to $60,000 per year.

Retail Sales Assistant & Bakery Assistant: retail sales assistant and bakery assistant get paid on an hourly basis. Coles pays up to $20.87 per hour to Retail Sales Assistant and $22.54 per hour to Bakery assistant.

Forklift Operator: forklift operator gets up to $63,247 per year. But it can be more than this; it depends on the employee’s work efficiency.

Goods-in Manager: managers at coles get high salary than other employees. The goods-in manager gets up to $74,711 per year.

Cashier: The cashiers get hourly rates. If they work more, then they can earn better. Coles pays range up to $21.05 per hour to the cashiers.

Warehouse Worker: This is a hard-working job. So, they also get a fair amount of salary. Warehouse workers paid up to $60,896 every year.

FAQs – Some Random Q&A

How much does Nightfill at Coles pay?

Nightfill gets an average of $23 per hour at coles. Coles pays from $17 – $28 to the nightfills. This data is based upon the employee’s salary report of the coles. If you have excellent skills, then you also can get more than it.

How much do Coles casuals get paid?

Coles pays from $25-$26 salaries to the casual’s employees. It is based upon some employee salary reports. You can get more than this range if your performance is best.

How much do 18-year olds get paid at Coles?

Eighteen years old employees’ salary at coles can range from $20-$25 per hour. If you have experience and skills, then you can expect more than this range.

What day do Coles employees get paid?

Coles pays weekly to the non-salary employees. If you are working part-time at coles, then you will get paid on every Tuesday. And it will be credited on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning in your bank account.

How long is a shift at Coles?

However, the minimum shift is 3 hours, and a full-day shift is 8 hours (excluding one-hour lunchtime) at Coles.

What skills do you need to work at Coles?

As we know, coles are one of the largest supermarkets in Australia. So, if you want to work in a Coles company, then you must have some skills. Following are some skills which you will need to do at Coles:

  • You must have good communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • It would be best if you had strong commercial awareness.
  • Polite behavior

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