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Coles is one of the biggest companies in Australia. Everyone wants to work in mycoles. It provides several benefits and training programs to the employees to improve their workability and skills. There are many questions in your mind regarding coles. So, in this post, we answered people generally ask some FAQ.

Coles is an Australian supermarket, retail, and consumer services chain. It was founded in 1914 by George Coles. Its first location is in Collingwood, Victoria where it was getting started, and headquarter is situated in Melbourne.

MyColes FAQs

What salary can I expect at Coles?

There are different salary packages for various positions. Following are some packages providing by the coles:

  • Manager department: A departmental manager can expect a salary of up to $1500 monthly. Salary is also depending on the workability and experience of the employee.
  • Cleaner: The cleaner gets an hourly rate. Salary is based upon the hours of operation. Their average hourly rate is 25 dollars.
  • Shopper’s Salary: Shopper gets a $22 hourly rate. It is an average rate that is based upon some employees of the coles. So, if you have excellent skills and experience, you can expect more than it.

Which type of question asked in the interview at mycoles?

Questions will be as per your post for which you are applying. It can differ from position to position. Following are some question which is generally asked in every interview at mycoles:

  • First of all, you will be asked about you (you have to introduce yourself like your full name, family intro, your city name, qualification, etc.)
  • One question will be about your experience.
  • Why do you want to join mycoles? (you have to tell the reason to join the company)
  • Why Should we hire you? (You have to tell them your qualities and skills. And what will be the benefit of the company if they will hire you?)

Is there any dress code at Coles?

Yes, you have to follow some dress code at coles. Following are a few things regarding the dress code:

  • You have to wear a white shirt and black pants. This is for both women and males, and women can choose a black skirt rather than pants.
  • Team leaders and managers can wear short dresses.
  • Your dress must be simple, formal, and clean.
  • There are not any boundaries on hairstyles.

What are the coles working hours?

There are many shifts available in mycoles. You can work part-time or full time. Coles open for 24*7 hours, so you also can work at night if you do any work in the day.

If you are a full-time employee, then you have to work 7-8 hours minimum. Some high and middle-level post employees work for 12-13 hours. They have to do meetings and make reports. Their operation hours are divided into several segments, such as meeting with suppliers, international conferences, telly transactions, report checking, and email it to their heads.

How is the working environment at mycoles?

Coles’s working environment is very positive. We have collected feedback from the employees of the coles. According to their reviews, mycoles employees, leader, managers, and company’s other team, all behavior is very nice. There are very friendly and helpful.

How can I contact the coles team?

If you have further queries related to coles, then you can contact the coles team. Following are the details to contact the coles support team:

  • Phone number: 1800 455 400 (text on 0429 989 656)

Contact Details

Coles Group Limited (Coles Online) Hawthorn East,


Australia- 3123

For more assistance, you can connect on this no 1800 455 400 to get support help. Ask you query with all details so you can get reply soon. Support timing would be weekdays from morning 8 am to Midnight 10 pm on AEST Timing.

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