Important Information on VEP’s Programs and Guidelines for Speakers

VEP Vietnam vets in the classroom

VEP is a non-partisan group.  We train speakers to share their stories in ways that promote critical thinking, that create a better understanding of the realities of war, that de-glorify violence, and that encourage individuals to make more informed and responsible opinions and decisions regarding the use of force.

Classroom sharing

We ask our speakers to use examples from their personal experience to illustrate events, as opposed to lecturing or advocating political or other positions.  We also ask our speakers to refrain from recruitment or counter-recruitment-oriented presentations. Speakers are welcome to provide their personal views and opinions in response to students’ questions, while welcoming independent thought from the students.

The process of volunteering to be a speaker with VEP includes:

  • An introductory conversation or meeting with a prospective speaker, where staff provide an overview of our mission, our training and our programs.
  • At least two speaker-training sessions (usually in our Amherst office), where staff and experienced speakers introduce veterans to VEP’s storytelling approach and help participants to develop storytelling skills.
  • Observations of VEP speakers sharing stories in classrooms or public venues.
  • At least several co-presentations with experienced VEP speakers.

Socializing with VEP friends

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